Progressive Delivery

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Progressive Delivery is about providing the right experience, to the right folks, at the right time. Building on the best of Continuous Delivery, and taking full advantage of evolutions in modern cloud services and DevOps best practices.

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Progressive Delivery: tools and culture change

Progressive delivery is the practice of rolling out an application in a managed fashion to designated cohorts, making canarying, blue/green deployments, and A/B testing foundational to testing and deploying applications. Progressive delivery thus reduces risk and increases control by decoupling deployment and release, allowing more groups to be included in the release process, from product…

Positive Control

The word ‘control’ often has an immediate connotation for folks. For some there is the idea of ownership, enablement, or success. While for others the word conjures images of restriction, repression, or failure. In the context of Progressive Delivery we talk about control in the context of release progression and radical delegation. In both cases…

Delegation vs. Abdication

In Progressive Delivery we use the term “Radical Delegation” to describe one of its core tenets. In the spirit of enabling folks to successfully engage in this practice, we need to provide a clear definition and a process, or framework, for implementation, assessment, and improvement. Origin In the early iterations of Progressive Delivery we just…